Saturday, 11 February 2012

Two loaves

So I have been baking a couple of loaves a week now for just over a year. I started this blog to record a new venture. I recently joined the Mellow Bakers site. They intend to organise a group bake working through the recipes in Dan Lepard's The handmade loaf. The details have yet to be finalised but it looks likely that this will entail baking three different breads a month beginning in April. The handmade loaf is a wonderful collection of bread recipes supported by gorgeous photography. It was the first bread book I ever bought .

I have never baked any of the recipes in it....


  1. Ray, I look forward to baking with you at Mellow Bakers in April. I've done most of the recipes in that book but there are several that I'd like to try again because I had trouble with them. A shared experience might help and be fun. See you there!

    - Misky

  2. Hi Misky,
    Looking forward to it too. I've spent the last year baking simple flour water yeast and salt sourdough loaves... I have no great experience other than that. I hope we can benefit from your experience too :) You have a lovely food blog!