Friday, 24 February 2012

white sourdough

I don't make white sourdough all that often. It makes great toast topped with marmite. 


  1. That looks beautiful! Just admiring all your breads Ray, I wish mine were coming out looking that good at the moment :)

  2. Thanks Joanna,

    the two proving baskets have helped. And I am using a very similar
    method of refreshments as you recommended in your guide to sourdough. I am keeping my starter in the fridge for most of the week and then taking it out and refreshing on friday evening and saturday morning (spoonful of starter to half a cup of flour, half a cup of water) and then making a sponge with 500g flour and 650ml water on Saturday night and add 600g flour and 20g salt the next morning. I knead for a while because... well... its fun and messy... and then leave and fold every hour for about 4 hours then shape and place in the proving baskets for 2-3 hours depending on how cool the kitchen is. My pizza stone broke so just using a heated heavy duty baking tray so pleased with the oven spring I'm getting. I have been playing with various combinations of white, wholemeal, malted and rye flours, trying to get a feel for them.

    looking forward to the mellow bakers challenge. That will take me out of my comfort zone!

    1. I'm really pleased to hear that my post has helped a bit:)

      My 'stone' is a potter's kiln shelf from Bath Potters in Radstock and has survived now for three years or more. One of the best things I have got I reckon, they will saw them to size for you too if you ask nicely.

      Challenges are always interesting and make encourage you to bake things you might otherwise ignore. Good luck with it Ray !