Sunday, 4 March 2012


Blogs, recipes and copyright - a real can of worms.

Dan Lepard has a house rule on his own forum about what is acceptable to post. He says -
"Do not reproduce other people's recipes on this forum. You can list the ingredients and weights used, and describe what you did, but if you exactly copy anyone else's recipe and paste it on the forum I will remove it."
I think this is fair. It takes a real gift to convey in words how to bake a loaf of bread and the authorship should be respected. I've just baked a wonderful loaf and hope to type up the recipe soon. My house rule is to always acknowledge the inspiration for any of the breads I bake and to never reproduce someone else's recipe without permission. I will always link to the original post if it is in electronic form or credit the book and author. I will reproduce ingredients lists and weights used on occasion especially where I have adapted a recipe. However, I am less inclined to do this for Dan Lepard's Handmade loaf as I am hoping to try the majority of his recipes over the coming months. Buy the book, it looks excellent! Mostly, you just get my own rambling thoughts on the experience, the literary equivalent of a silly grin.

The photographs on this site are taken by me unless otherwise credited. If you want to use any of them just ask me, I'll probably be terribly flattered! This site is for fun and intended for a small readership many of whom I hope to have a dialogue with.

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