Sunday, 25 March 2012

Doves Farm Organic Malthouse Sourdough

This bread is all about the quality of the flour. I made a sponge last night with 500g Malthouse flour and 650g water plus a ladle of active starter. Well, when I say active starter.. I forgot to get it out of the fridge on Friday evening so it had a feed on the Saturday morning and then went straight into the sponge that evening. It was bubbling away just fine in the morning. I added 600g more flour and then 20g salt. I've stopped adding a glug of oil though I do coat the bowls in oil and use it liberally on the work surface. I brought it all together and then left it 15 minutes. I then I did some short needs  - 15 seconds every 10 to 15 minutes for the first hour and then a series of folds every hour for about 3 hours. You can feel the dough develop its elasticity. I shaped the bread  - I tried to follow the method in the River Cottage Handbook for a "stubby cylinder" (page 56).

The loaves were given two hours to rise. It was a sunny day and the kitchen was warm with the oven having been on. The breads baked for about 50 minutes and turned out to have a pleasing crust.


  1. I baked my first loaf with that flour recently, I love it! Handles and bakes beautifully. I look forward to trying it with some sourdough starter.

    Leavened Heaven: My Search for Sarnie Shangri-La

  2. Its really tasty - makes a great sourdough. I think the addition of 100mg mixed seeds soaked overnight in 100mg of water would work well.