Sunday, 22 April 2012

flaky (butter bun) run

Woke up to the sound of the London marathon theme on the radio... not run for three weeks to give my knee a chance to rest. This morning I awake to both knees bickering. I get up and take the fermenting flaky butter buns dough out of the fridge after starting the recipe late last night. I check the recipe and weigh out the butter. HOW MUCH BUTTER? I recheck the recipe. Gulp. After folding in cold slices of the coronary artery hardening substance and leaving the dough to rest I decide to go for a jog.

The knees moan a little but they persevere. Its a gentle jog to the lakes at Rother Valley. All off road and mostly along the Trans-Pennine trail which runs along a former railway track. I run for about five miles and then walk the last mile home. I feel I have earned my flaky butter bun. I just have to make them now.

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