Sunday, 22 April 2012

flaky butter buns

I had been putting off the flaky butter buns challenge. Whilst I have been baking bread for about 18 months, I have never really attempted cakes or pastries. So this was outside my comfort zone.


Strong white flour
Unsalted butter
Unsalted butter
Unsalted butter
fresh yeast
More unsalted butter

I had made the dough last night and placed it in the fridge overnight to ferment. It had been quite a stiff dough but it had risen despite the cool of the fridge. I smile at this remembering making bread with my mother when the emphasis was placing the dough in a warm place with a premium on keeping the fermentation short.

This morning the butter is introduced. Did I mention that there was butter in this recipe?

"The modern affluent-puritan may claim the buttered loaf is an unnecessary extravagance, but for anyone who feels that life is lean enough, these breads make a simple life feel less harsh and more enjoyable." ~ Dan Lepard, THL, p 144

 The recipe involves folding in the butter, resting the dough and then rolling it out to a 1 cm thickness

Finally the dough is rolled out and 11 cm circles are cut out. The edges are pulled in to the centre and pinched and then smoothed into a smooth round bun. I put them on some baking parchment on a baking tray, cover and leave to rise for 1 1/2 hours.

They do rise but I wonder whether I could have left them longer?

They bake in the oven at 200C for 25 minutes. They look golden when they come out, sitting in a molten butter lake. They smell decadent.

They are light though perhaps could have been lighter. Definitely flaky and buttery. Not bad for a first effort but I can't help feeling I have missed something. But that said, I may have a go at making croissants this summer.


  1. Cheers for giving this recipe a try! They look tasty. I've been a bit intimidated by this one, I confess, while the invocation of this much butter also has me craving southern-US style biscuits (I'm hunting for a good recipe for those now...)

  2. Looks good, Ray. I made mine yesterday, too, but not found time for the write-up. Were you able to follow the shaping instructions ok? I found them a little confusing, but ended up (you can judge for yourself when I publish) with a similar shape to yours.

    But the ultimate question: how have you eaten yours? I have tried plain, jam and dipped in soup (not all at the same time) and I keep feeling I am doing it wrong!

  3. Susanne - thank you. i guess this is why i like the company of mellow bakers as there are experienced bakers alongside newbies like me. The results were tasty if not perfect but nicer than a supermarket pastry!

    Chris - I would have appreciated some line drawings! I think I got the folds right after discussing it with my wife, with the final flat rings i just pulled the edges into the centre like I was shaping for a boule. Look forward to seeing your results. Mine did not look as flaky as the book photograph but they certainly were, judging by the crumbs everywhere!

    I ate mine plain - I like your idea of dipping in soup... I'm veggie so the suggested bacon idea was a no go :)