Friday, 25 May 2012

Friday night pizza

Friday night is beer and pizza night. Whoever gets home first knocks together a simple pizza dough. I've thought of making a sourdough one before now but resisted, it goes against the ethos of the night - quick and simple. I do occasionally stir in a spoonful of starter for the flavour. Sue tends to be more classical than I, one of my favourites is roasted cauliflower, blue cheese and walnuts which Sue insists is wrong on so many levels, but tonight I keep it simple. A spoonful of your favourite tomato pasta sauce (hey it is Friday, its allowed...) red onions, garlic, green chilli, green pepper, mozzarella and a bit of parmesan and black pepper. Oh and a handful of basil scattered on in the last few minutes in the oven. So much nicer than a takeaway pizza and really not that time consuming. Serve with a beer - a nice bottle of Harviestoun's Bitter & Twisted tonight - and the weekend has arrived. Nice.

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