Sunday, 27 May 2012

Kamut sourdough

On a whim I bought some kamut flour and tried to make a sourdough loaf with it. The result though flawed was very flavoursome and I will experiment with this flour again. I had made a sponge the night before with 500g kamut flour and 650g water with a ladle of starter that I have fed with kamut flour. The next morning I added 300g kamut flour and 300g strong white flour and 20g salt. the dough was a little stiff and in hindsight i would add more water as I have since read that it soaks up more water than ordinary flours. It has been really hot this week so i thought it better to prove in the fridge through the day. I first gave it 10 mins kneading. It felt a little like putty in texture - a little like making a spelt loaf.

On getting home at seven I took the dough out of the fridge and let it warm up an hour before shaping and placing in my bannetons. I let it rise for 2 hours... longer would have been better but I needed to get them in before 10 pm.

There was a good oven spring and although the crumb resembled spelt bread the taste was lovely with a nuttiness coming through. The sourness was pleasant to and developed over the next 2 days. the crust was good.

Need to try this again with a few adjustments.


  1. I add kamut to a lot of doughs instead of wholemeal or spelt, often in quite small proportions as I like the colour and the nutty taste. On its own it makes a slightly cake textured bread for me, I don't know if that is what you find. I am very fond of it though and use it a lot. I saw somewhere that you were having difficulty finding light rye flour, if you don't want to buy it via Shipton Mill, then you can maybe try sieving your wholemeal rye through a fine sieve to give you a lighter rye, that is what I used to do and it works quite well. You can save the bran for dusting cloths or bannetons. Loving the magazine look to your blog! Very smart indeed :)

  2. thanks Joanna, you are becoming my bread mentor! yes I agree about the cake texture which is why I added some strong white flour, but I loved the nutty taste and will use it again, as you suggested, in smaller amounts. My wife use to make spelt loaves which were tasty but also a little cake-like so I was expecting similar with the kamut flour. Mick Hartley uses a small amount of spelt flour in his five seeds recipe and that makes a lovely bread and I was think that kamut would make a nice substitute.

    Thanks for the feedback about the blog design. Who knew blogger could look so professional ? :)

    Light rye - I like your suggestion and will give it a go. I have been buying some of my flour from a Chesterfield wholefood shop and I am planning to see if they can order it for me. I like to try and dpo a recipe as it is written before substiting ingredients so thanks for that - I'll give some of the mellow baker challenges a go next weekend.

    Enjoy your break (but do come back soon - I love your blog!)