Sunday, 20 May 2012

seeded malthouse sourdough

Sunday. I made two seeded malthouse sourdough loaves today. They turned out fine even though I left the dough to prove whilst Sue and I went for a Sunday stroll and lunch at a pub in Ridgeway about which the less said the better. As a consequence the dough was expanding and seeking world domination before I knocked it back and shaped it into two loaves, one for us and one for sharing with my work colleagues. I have been taking a loaf in to work most weeks and the consequence has been that other people have been bringing in baked goods too. One bloke has dusted down his bread maker and brought in an impressive tomato and goat's cheese loaf, followed a few week's later by a rosemary and garlic  focaccia. Bread is for sharing.

I think I have this recipe sorted but although I should have stretched and folded the dough 3-4 times during the time we went to the pub, the dough did just fine on its own.

I was pleased with the results and the seeds really add to the flavour.I'll add a recipe at a later date.


  1. Love the world domination description. Looks like a gorgeous (and tasty) loaf. Nice slash and banneton lines on top! - Susanne

  2. I was thinking of the Woody Allen film "Sleepers"

    starting at 6 min 35 seconds.......... :)

  3. Ha! I'd completely forgotten about that kitchen scene...