Tuesday, 29 May 2012

tomato and rosemary sourdough

With a few days leave I have been relaxing at home, I'm tired and a bit stressed, its good to have a time out . I baked another sourdough from the Emmanuel Hadjiandreou book. This is a white flour sourdough with tomato paste, nigella seeds and chopped rosemary. The recipe also suggests celery seeds rather than the rosemary and I would be keen to try that. Fennel seeds strike me as another alternative.

I almost stuck to the method in the book. I like the two bowl idea with the inverted smaller bowl then being used to cover the larger bowl between folds. I couldn't resist getting it out on the counter for a knead (blame those River Cottage people).

I probably over-floured the bannetons after yesterday's mishap and left it to rise for just under 2 hours. It was another warm day. I used a razor blade for the single slash.

It baked beautifully. I'm impressed with the results I get without a baking stone just using a heavy guage pre-heated tray.

A good day. Baking bread is a therapeutic practice. Its good to have the space to try these new recipes. Yesterday I emailed a more experienced baker in my area who bakes bread from home for his local community using a subscription model. He is offering 1-1 tuition. I may take this up.

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