Sunday, 6 May 2012


Yesterday I went to my first rugby league game in approximately 35 years. A work colleague had arranged an executive box for his 40th birthday. Hull FC is his team so we travelled up to Hull yesterday in a minibus and enjoyed a great game as the underdogs beat Leeds rhinos 34-20. this was the best of the tries.

My colleague still attends matches with his father. My last game was with my own father in the early seventies when he took me to see a Wigan game at Central Park. Sadly illness curtailed his opportunities to attend local games though he used to avidly watch the rugby on TV.

The game brought back a lot of memories.


  1. Was lovely to read this post, I never knew you went to Rugby match with dad, I have so little memories of me and him together, but I do remember him taking me to Potters, that old fashioned shop at the bottom, he bought me some cream soda and some chocs for mum because we had forgotten it was mothers day.. I think I was about 8 or 9. Thanks for sharing.. and your bread pics are really fabulous! x x Sis

  2. Ah Potters - am old fashioned sweet shop and tobacconist - I remember it well. I was trying to buy a cigar there one christmas - it came in a tacky plastic holder shaped as a candle, but the assistant would not sell it to me - not because i was 8 but because i was asking for a cigarette and they thought i had been sent in by local kids to buy a pack. Once they realised i meant a cigar as a christmas present they were happy to take my money. As L P Hartley says - the past is a foreign country - they do things differently there.

    Yes we went to the rugby on a numbrt of occasions but the one i remember was an evening match - the floodlights making the colouts so vivid. the team shirts of cherry red hoops untarnished by commercial advertisements.