Monday, 25 June 2012

bubbling loveliness!

This was the other bread from the weekend. A multigrain white sourdough flavoured with a little spelt flour. The method is pure River Cottage but the inspiration comes from Mick's (the PArtisan Baker) Bethesda Basics.

The sponge was made the night before and was enough to make two loaves. 500g white flour, 100g spelt, 650g water and about 100g white flour starter. The next morning it is all bubbling loveliness! I also soaked 60g each of barley and rye flakes in 130g boiling water.

Multi-tasking, I was having a go at a rye sourdough with caraway seeds as well (see previous post). I added 500g white flour and 25g salt to the sponge along with the soaked grains. I mixed it up into a rough ball and left in 10 minutes and then oiled a work surface and my hands and gave it a good kneed for about 10 minutes. I left it to prove for about 3 hours and knocked it back a couple of times and folded the dough. It became nice and elastic.

I dided the dough into two I left it to prove until it was well risen in the floured bannetons. I think this was about two hours but it may have been longer.

With a preheated heavy baking sheet on hand I slashed the bread with a razor and placed it into the oven set to max and gave it a good spray of water. After ten minutes I turned the temp down to approx 200C and gave it another half hour.

Pleased with the results. The bread was light and went down well with colleagues when I took it in to work.

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