Monday, 4 June 2012

not a food blog

I would not make a good food blogger. I follow a number of "proper" food bloggers - see the list top right to this blog, but I would never get a camera out in the middle of a restaurant (and then there's the small matter that I rarely eat in restaurants...) I take pictures of my bread, much to my wife's amusement, but they are rushed snaps which inevitably need me to edit out the kettle or ever present battery charger in the background, or use a depth of field to blur the background. I  use a basic DSLR camera with a nice 35mm prime lens which enables me to avoid using flash but I do minimal processing to the images with Picasa (crop, I'm feeling lucky, vignette... done) Even when I cook my own food, the thought to photograph it is rarely stronger than to, you know, actually eat it.

Above was a simple supper. Onion, celery, beetroot, carrots, red pepper, garlic, basically what was left at the bottom of the fridge. Add some salt and pepper to the chopped veg and place in a hot oven for 30 minutes, then add some cherry tomatoes and diced leftover mozarella and cook for another 15 minutes. Finally a splash of apple balsamic vinegar. Served on four day old toasted sourdough.

The result - vibrant colours, sweet root vegetables. Simple and delicious. But no photograph...


  1. The tug of war between photographing the dish or immediately devouring it is often a tough one for me. The images here look great (and not over-posed, or coy?, which seems the flip side of the challenge of food photography these days...)

  2. Thanks. A plate of hot food wins out every time!

  3. I am very much like you in that I would not take a camera out in the middle of a restaurant and take a picture, for similar reasons as you - don't eat out, also don't really do reviews of eateries. I do though for my homely creations, but i have to admit many of the pics are taken by my husband. Its one way to get the food cooled down before eating too, often my husband wants to dive in.

    I love the colours on your clean plate. I need to take more pictures like that :)

    Also wanted to say, Thank you so much for your warm wishes towards my veggie cafe adventure. I pick the keys tomorrow PM - Excited and nervous at the same time.

  4. Ah... an accomplice... I will occasionally photograph some of Sue's creations too.

    Really interested to hear how your veggie cafe adventure goes... and a little green with envy :) You certainly have some wonderful influences to bring to your cuisine!