Sunday, 24 June 2012

Rye sourdough with caraway seeds

Sunday. Decided to make three sourdough loaves today. One was a rye sourdough with caraway following a recipe from Emmanuel Hadjiandreou. I liked the Dan Lepard loaf (see previous post) but wondered what a sourdough loaf with this rye flour and caraway would offer. I was not disappointed. I love the crust you get with sourdough and the recipe itself was easy to follow.

I was surprised that the dough did in fact double in size but there was no oven spring.

Another winner from Hadjiandreou.


  1. This looks fantastic, esp. with the peppers and eggplant nearby. Gee, roast eggplant w/ garlic and a nice olive oil together with a rye sourdough is sounding very, very good right now...

  2. :) We ended up baking the red peppers and filling them with new potatoes, pesto and feta cheese, mopping up the juices with the bread. Day 2 and the bread has a really good flavour - I prefer it to the Lepard bread though that really isn't comparing like with like. That said there is more to rye breads than I was expecting. I have a recipe for a rye loaf with figs and pink peppercorns - may be this weekend!

  3. Love the crust on your loaf! It looks completely beautiful!

  4. Yes, a really tasty bread this one. I have added a photo of the crumb. Like most rye breads it improves with age and is great with a strong cheese.