Sunday, 22 July 2012

plod plod plod collapse

A barleycorn sourdough is fermenting in the kitchen as I head out for a jog this Sunday morning. In the past five weeks I have managed to run my intended three times a week covering just over 100 miles. Nothing special considering elite runners cover this in a week but good for me as I prepare for the Great Yorkshire Run in September.

I head out towards Killamarsh in a slow steady jog. Its 9.00 a.m. and the estate is quiet. Through Killamarsh  turning north, past the Angel Pub with a notice outside that says it sells a colossus burger which is free if you eat all of it. I ponder what it may entail and make a mental note never to find out. I am fuelled this morning by muesli, cherries and yoghurt. I reach the entrance to the Rother Valley Country Park and wind down the road to the lakes. Wild geese honk and fly overhead. 45 minutes have passed when I reach the lakes, my Central Park, frequented by runners, cyclists and dog walkers. I do a half lap and then decide to do another circuit. There are two lakes, and a complete lap is about 3 miles. the smaller top lake has a number of jet skis whirring about. Men astride souped up hairdryers, fun on the Med perhaps, but here in South Yorkshire I am not convinced. The larger lake tends to have yachting, but there is also an area partitioned off for cable skiing. Sue and I often come to the park to watch the skiers and sit on the bank taking photos. the one above is one of my favourites from a few years back. The more experienced show off with jumps, twists and somersaults, whilst the novices hang on for dear life as the are pulled along by the system of wires and pulleys. Approaching an hour now and I am settled in a steady plod. My breathing is okay, my mind wanders. I never run to music, though often a song, an earworm will drop into my head - this morning its a reggae tune by Black Uhuru but the only lyric I can remember as I plod along is "Dawn Of the Living dead" - Freudian maybe but I am not feeling that bad. 

I notice more cars parked on the verge than usual and further on I see why - there is an open water swimming event taking place in the lake. I shiver.

As I leave the lakes I have been jogging for over 1 1/2 hours and I am feeling tired but the endorphins have kicked in. I take the short cut through the industrial estate and with half a mile to go I am tiring and dehydrated. Plod, plod, plod, collapse. A couple of pints of sparkling water and a shower and I am revived.

The bread has had to forego its hourly folds but its ready to be transferred to the banettons. The results are just fine.


  1. The pace of baking (done a certain way) and jogging go well together, don't they? Same for a long hike in the woods or near the water. Not to mention eating good food outdoors, now that I think of it. Looking forward to hearing how the barleycorn sourdough turns out!

  2. Well i took a loaf into work and there was but a crust left by 5 p.m. (but they are gannets around bread! :) ) It was very nice bread which I would definitely try again. It suited the overnight sponge method.

    Must do a mellow bake this weekend.

    Yes, the sourdough bread method allows you to fit your life around it naturally. It also teaches you to trust your senses rather than rely on cook book timings. I'm getting better now at knowing when the bread is ready to go in the oven :)