Monday, 16 July 2012

Alsace loaf with rye

The Alsace loaf with rye was one of the June breads in the Mellow Bakers challenge. Okay, I am a few weeks late, but hey... we are mellow. This was supposed to be shaped into four batons but I have never even baked a simple white baguette before so I did not think this was the time to experiment. I also prefer loaves as they keep better. So I used a cane banneton instead. Other than that variation I kept near enough to the recipe. Predominantly white flour with added wholemeal and rye plus a rye leaven and a little fresh yeast. The dough contains cooked wheat berries that have been soaked in white wine and were tasty just as they were!

There were several options to enrich it with fat or oil. I chose melted butter!

After Dan's usually short kneeding and folding routine the dough came together and after being left for a good ninety minutesto rise was ready to go in the oven.

I was well pleased with the result. Sue could immediately tell the honey notes coming through whereas I enjoyed the crust and the addition of the wheat berries. Definitely one to add to the repertoire.

There a a few more photos at the Mellow Bakers site. Why not join?

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