Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Back to beetroot

Fortunately I am more disciplined in my baking than in my blogging. It has been quiet on the Mellow Bakers site and although there have been a couple of breads suggested that have appealed to me I never quite have the right ingredients in at the right time. Most weekends I have baked my favourites from my small repertoire. My malted seeded loaf has been baked a number of times but I particularly enjoyed having another go at this beautiful beetroot sourdough. The grated beetroot is very messy indeed!

The dough is a lurid puple colour. I love this photo below, probably a little bit over-proved bubbling under the srface.

The bread had a good oven spring....

... and plenty of big holes in the crust...

Today is my birthday. Instead of a birthday cake I made a chocolate sourdough. It is sensational! I'll post on it soon. Another reason to buy Emmanuel Hadjiandreou's How to make bread.


  1. I hope you had a very happy birthday!

    I have eyed up that chocolate sourdough bread too. Look forward to seeing your photos. Is the beetroot very noticeable in the taste of the bread? I once tried those chocolate beetroot brownies that were very trendy and even though I like beetroot I wasn't keen on it in a sweet. I imagine it is much better in a bread.

    all very best wishes, Joanna

  2. You get the earthiness of the beet root coming through and I think it goes great with a mature cheddar. I've had the beet root brownies and loved them! I 'll ask sue which recipe she used. I could not detect the beet root in them.

    The chocolate sourdough got a big thumbs up at work yesterday! Now I'm thinking what the addition of chilli would do to it!?