Saturday, 8 September 2012

chocolate sourdough... really!

Well it was my birthday and Sue tends to make the cakes in our household so I thought I would treat myself to this rather special chocolate sourdough loaf. The recipe is in  Hadjiandreou's book but if you prepared a white sourdough and added some currants ana chocolate chips a a few spoonfuls of cocoa powder you would probably get something similar. Next time I am going to add chilli! And there will be a next time , because the loaf I took into work received lots of praise and requests for more. 

I thought beetroot sourdough was messy but this chocolate concoction got everywhere! the recipe is basically a white sourdough with a couple of spoonfuls of cocoa, some currants and a handful of chocolate chips. It took longer to rise than an ordinary sourdough but otherwise was no more difficult to make.


  1. Your chocolate bread looks amazing! I hope that it tastes great too. Now I need to find this recipe;).

  2. Doo get the Hadjiandreou's book -there are more wonderful breads in it and. Plenty of sourdoughs. :)