Friday, 28 September 2012

Onion & bay loaf

Its been quiet on the Mellow Bakers site but I have been catching up on some of the suggested recipes in this past week. Expect four posts on Dan Lepard's wonderful recipes this week!

This onion and bay loaf was a hit. Buy the book for the recipe but its basically a white sourdough loaf with 300g onions steeped in boiling milk and a handful of bay leaves. Tasty.

This is a simple adulterated white sourdough recipe and one that I will definitely keep in my repertoire.

I brought the mixture together in a rough mixture.

With a bit of kneading the dough was evidently smoother...

I chose to prove it it my cane banneton (though the dough was a little over-sized!)

It looked good going into the oven. I slashed it with a cross though dan's recipe and photograph chose not to.

But I was pleased with the result

I prefer my white sourdoughs with flavoursome additions and the onion and bay leaves work well together.

Another winning recipe from Dan's book.


  1. The onion & bay loaf looks great! Glad to hear the positive report. I'm doing the barm bread tonight (and tomorrow) but hope to get to this one soon -- unless I'm swept away by one of the October breads...

  2. I have just managed to post on all three September breads at the Mellow Bakers forum. I loved the onion bread , I hope you get a chance to gives this one a go.

  3. So determined am I to leave a comment despite the ipad freezing with blogger thing, that I have found another computer to say.... oh yes, beautiful bread and I love this recipe too! Very sticky dough but lovely and soft and flavoursome and crusty and treble yum. In fact just looking at your pictures makes me want to rush downstairs and start chopping onions - have a lovely weekend Ray!