Sunday, 28 October 2012

500 miles

It was a cold morning and I went out for a jog in the drizzle. Heavy limbed I found a new route that kept me away from heavy traffic but will hopefully be well-lit enough for these approaching dark evenings. The clocks went back an hour last night. It was dark by 5.30 pm.

I have totalled up 500 miles running for the year so far and with 2 months to go should be looking at more than 600 miles. I am we'll pleased with that.

This blog has had a slight hiatus. The good news is that I am still baking most weekends. Alas, I am using an iPad and this is causing issues with blogger especially trying to post photographs. Hopefully I will resolve it soon, otherwise I shall move back to Wordpress. Watch this space .....


  1. I sympathise, I posted just now using the WP iPad app and it crashed twice and I had to do workrounds to get the photos where I wanted and they seemed to shrink too - oh well. If I stand back and think I wouldn't have been able to even think of doing this five years ago, what am I moaning about? Huge congratulations on the 500 milestone :)

  2. Ah... Then moving to Wordpress might not be the solution. I have tried to add some photos to draft posts using a lap top and then add text later with the iPad - we shall see. But yes, we should be grateful - who would have thought we would be using iPads and kindles in the eighties!