Friday, 2 November 2012

oh dear

This is not a rant against supermarkets. Much as I like Andrew whitely's "Bread Matters" - a wonderful polemic in favour of Real Bread, this post is not driven by a critique of supermarket bread. I buy bread from Morrison's when I run out of my own. It is not sourdough but it makes do for breakfast. Recently our local store had a re-vamp and the veg section improved beyond belief.

However, I was in the bread section last month and I spied a couple of loaves, one cheekily called an artisan boule, the other, a white sourdough. Sourdough! In Morrisons! I picked it up and immediately knew something was wrong. It felt very dense.
Still, I bought it out of curiosity.

As you can see, it was not a pleasant loaf. We have all produced bad loaves, dense house bricks... However, we don't all try and flog it to the general public. I think that is what annoyed me,that someone might have picked it up and thought "hmm, sourdough, I'll give that a try" and then ended up binning it because it was inedible. The baker who passed it for sale surely knew instantly, as I had, that it had not proved properly. To be fair, I have been back to the store and the loaves have looked better, lighter. But I have not been tempted to buy another one.

Which reminds me, must go and get my starter out of the fridge tonight...


  1. I have much the same feeling about many of the rye breads that our high street bakers put out, even the small traditional independents can get it completely wrong, flying tops, pasty insides, underbaked.. One I asked about their ryes, said that they did it because people asked for it, but they thought it was horrible stuff to work with and they didn't like the taste! not to mention the unspeakably doughy 'bagels' that I bought in the Co op in Cockermouth one morning....

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