Sunday, 2 December 2012

barm loaf

With our poorly laptop back from the menders I can post again! This barm bread was part of the Mellow Bakers challenge.

Beer and bread, two of my favourite things! White bread? No thanks. White sourdough? Better, more flavour. This bread adds more depth to those flavours by first creating a barm. Dan takes 250g of a bottle conditioned beer (I use a Tavern Porter as I thought a dark beer would give a good flavour - I was not wrong!) He heats it up to 70 C and then whisks in 50 g white flour. He lets it cool to room temp and adds 4 tsp of his white leaven. By the next morning it should be fermenting nicely.

It was! Dan suggests experimenting with various flours but I chose to follow his white sourdough recipe. I suggest your incorporate the barm into your own favourite white sourdough recipe.

It proved well and the final loaf both smelled and tasted delicious. I'd like to try this barm with Dan's 60:40 Mill loaf. 

What beers do you bake with?

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