Sunday, 30 December 2012

Saxton's home bakery

This is a fine white sourdough that I baked when I attended a bread course offered by Mick Saxton. I had a lovely day and 1-1 tuition. I would have loved to attended such a course when I was setting our in baking my own bread. That said, I gained a lot from chatting about bread and seeing how a more experienced baker organised himself in a home kitchen.

I found myself nervous as I knocked on the front door but was met with a warm welcome and a light breakfast. Mick's wife joined us and we had a good conversation before making our way through to the kitchen. the day is well structured with two loaves being produced - a white sourdough and a rye and sunflower seed. Between the actual baking sessions Mick shared his knowledge about how to produce and maintain a sourdough starter, recipes and hydration calculations. we also made some muffins on the stove top.

I mentioned the course to a work colleague who was more of a beginner and she also attended the course with a friend and found it really instructive. If you live near Sheffield I would heartily recommend it.


  1. That loaf looks perfect. Sounds like a productive and engaging day! I haven't had time for lessons these days, but love the idea. I'll be settling for a new book (am giving "Inside the Jewish Bakery" a whirl next.)

  2. What fun, Ray.
    I attended Dan L's workshop three years ago - not the same time as Joanna, she went a few months earlier.

    And the bread making developed expon .... rapidly.

    Your bread looks perfect to me anyway - but it's always good to meet with the experts.

    Happy New Year to you and your family, Ray.

  3. Thank you both! One of the things that I took away from the day was how organised Mick was. The need for consistency when producing in bulk for the public was evident. By contrast I am a little slap dash and you see the photos of my nice looking breads but sometimes.... Things go wrong. I am happy being a weekend baker producing three loaves a week, though the thought of working with my hands for a living is a nice fantasy!

    Happy New Year to you both!