Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Rye & Pink Peppercorns

New Year's Day. I thought I'd start the year with a new bread recipe. I had read in an interview that Hadjiandreou had suggested the following as one of his favourite breads. It took ages before I spied the pink peppercorns in the supermarket.... But today was the day.

I have made one of his simple rye loaves before. You make a ferment the night before and then add more flour and water in the morning. The extra stage is the addition of the peppercorns and prunes. You get this thick paste which you do your best to pour into the baking tin. I left mine a further 2 hours to rise and then put it into a hot oven.

Rye bread does not rise a great deal more in the oven. I was pleased with the appearance.

I would usually leave it a good 24 to 48 hours before cutting into a rye loaf, but, well, I was curious about the taste combination and also wanted to get a photograph. I am planning to share it at work tomorrow. I think it will be an acquired taste but the fruit followed by the pepper kick is intriguing. Sue's not a great rye fan so I think I will try one of her favourite's this weekend.

I was lying in bed this morning listening to the radio and they were talking about making New Year resolutions and generally saying that people rarely keep them. They mentioned that Alcohol Concern were promoting a Dry January campaign, so I thought I would give that a go. I had intended a bit of a health kick and detox after the festivities. I really want to establish a simple meditation practice again as I think I have let some of my better ways of coping with stress wane in the past few months. Do you intend to keep any resolutions?


  1. Mixed response from work colleagues to this bread. its certainly unusually. Needs a good slice of Lancashire cheese was one response ... may be.....

  2. Sounds like it's got a distinctive but interesting taste. I tried the Rolled Oats and Apple Bread from the DL book (and the now retired MB group project) last week. Great bread, but very wet dough. Will blog it soon. On resolutions: more exercise, meditation also. Was doing both early last fall, but, well...

  3. Happy New Year Ray, the bread looks fantastic - I'd loved to have tried a slice. Re resolutions, I don't make them, I learned a long time ago that i never kept them anyway, good luck with the Dry January.

  4. Late Happy New Year Greetings Ray. Love the idea of this one, but not sure if I could get through a whole loaf on my own. I would like to try it on a platter of assorted breads from your blog, a slice of one and a slice of another, a smorgasbord of breads :)

  5. Susanne, I am drawing up a list of a dozen or so breads from the handmade loaf that I intend to have a go at over the next six months. See my next post.

    Shaheed and Joanne, happy new year to you both too! My resolutions are going okay... It's sometimes good not too have great expectations.... :)

  6. Shaheen, not shaheed as the predictive text suggests.... Last week I apparently had Coventry Garden soup for lunch..... Doh

    1. :) I forgive you. Its a new one from Charleen :)
      I do wish you lived near me, I'd swap some of my home made one pots with you for your good home made bread. I miss real bread. I know I should make some, but for me at the mo' its the breadmaker or the baker, who makes okay bread - but not the chewy kind i like.