Monday, 4 March 2013


I made the rolled oats and apple bread from The handmade loaf. It had a pleasant sweetness. I completely messed up the recipe misreading the 200g grated apple and instead adding 600g. Oops. My dough looked like lumpy wallpaper paste. I did a few calculations and added extra dry ingredients and it came together after a bit of folding and resting.

There are about a dozen more recipes from the book that I would like to give a try. I have been reading Ken Forkish's book and hope to get a Dutch oven to try his method. I am not at all convinced thar trays of water and mist sprays add anything when used in a conventional oven.

I have been tired of late, stressed by work, but have a couple of weeks off so hope to add a few posts. I have continued to bake bread at the weekend, but have kept it simple. I really like Dan's 60:40 Mill loaf and yesterday made two excellent loaves using Dove Farm malt house flour.

My running has been more consistent too and I am now able to run a ten miler most weekends. I love being able to run to different places and explore. Got stopped by someone asking for directions and had to say - "sorry mate, I don't live around here!"

There has been a lot in the news about the Don Valley stadium being closed and although I was not intending to run a half marathon this spring I may well sign up for the Sheffield Half as it will be last time it will be run from there. In a time when politicians speak of an Olympic legacy it is sad to see the stadium close. But it is underused and I know that the money is needed to fund the public sector services which are currently being decimated. Sad.

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