Sunday, 28 April 2013

Nice bit of crumpet

Crumpets! Who knew that they were so easy to make? There are lots of recipes on the Internet but I used the one in my River Cottage bread book which is similar to one posted on The Guardian site The secret it seems is to get the batter consistency just right. too thick and you won't get the nice bubbles - too thin and the batter will leak from the crumpet rings.

These were fun to make and I will look forward to practising to get the batter just right. Sourdough was off the menu last weekend due to my poor scheduling but these simple tea cakes made amends.This weekend has produced a couple of granary sourdoughs and a personal best in s a 10km road race.......l


  1. Cheers Mal. It was only my second ever batch but hope to become more accomplished at them as they are so much nicer than shop-bought.