Saturday, 20 July 2013


Last weekend I baked a cake. What's so special about that? Well, I don't do cakes. I bake bread regularly, and despite the absence of blog posts I have been baking sourdough each weekend over the summer from a limited repertoire of white, spelt, granary and Dan Lepard's 60-40 Mill loaf. But last weekend I spied this recipe in the Guardian and was tempted to give it a go. Sue is the baking queen in our household - she was surprised that I had so little experience of baking cakes. It's true, I can recalled making a vegan celebration cake - a rich fruit cake that was surprisingly good and a worthy carrot cake, but that's it.

So Sunday, alongside two granary sourdoughs, and under strict supervision from Sue, I baked this raspberry almond streusel cake and it was gorgeous! 


  1. I'm not a great cake baker either but I may be tempted with this one. Was it fairly easy to do? I'm currently trading bread for fruit with our neighbours and they have raspberry canes in abundance which will be fruiting through to the autumn. I may be dropping some (not so) subtle hints!

  2. Oh if I can make it it is simple! We had a go at a lemon drizzle cake this weekend. Delicious!