Thursday, 19 September 2013

Last Post

And so to my last post. Thank you to the small numbers who have read and supported this blog. I am staying in Berwick- upon- Tweed for our annual two week holiday. Above is a malted sourdough I have made, without the assistance of weighing scales and using a dodgy electric oven. Tastes great! I always bring a bit of starter away from me. I made a sponge yesterday morning then proved it overnight in the fridge before baking this morning. Not a perfect loaf but a successful nonetheless. 

Whilst my blogging has tailed off I have consistently baked my sourdough bread each weekend and shared a loaf with my work colleagues. I start a new job next month in primary care, working alongside GPs helping people with anxiety and depression, with a focus on practical and psychological support. My running has been steady with a 10 km race penned in for December. Life is good.

I will be looking for a new venture to join, something akin to the Mellow Bakers project. 

All the best!


  1. I've just returned to blogging after my little business venture has come to a end, and I learn that you will not be blogging much. I understand and wish you well, still the selfish part of me would still like to see some of your blogging, so please do pop inot the blogging world now and again. Take care and best wishes, Shaheen

  2. Hi Ray, I thought you had gone quiet and now I see you have stopped posting. LIke Shaheen I hope you pop back once in a while but I understand completely, hope the new work is satisfying and rewarding in all senses of the word and that the running continues to flow. all best always, Joanna

  3. After a year hiatus and flirting with the idea of a new blog I have decided to return to this one and broaden it to include my passion for Indian home-cooked food. It will be as ram shackle as ever :)