Saturday, 28 June 2014

Marmite bread - love it or hate it?

Marmite bread. Last time I tried to make this bread the cooker element died and I was without sourdough bread for several months whilst the engineer tried to locate the missing part. Still, I won't hold that against it as it is a lovely bread. The recipe comes from Brilliant Bread by British  Bake Off runner-up James Morton. This is far more than a TV spin-off and Jame's passion for bread making shines through. He does a lot  to demystify the process of making bread especially sourdough and for that alone it is a good read. I have not baked extensively from it more because I have been quite conservative in my choices of bread this past year but the marmite bread and IPA with cardamom have stood our and I am hoping to do a frugal loaf using a soaker (bits of stale bread soaked in water overnight)  soon. Good book choice for a present for someone just starting in bread making (though I would have been pleased to receive it too).


200g whole meal
100g rye
100g white
7g fast action yeast
5 g salt
200g sourdough starter
2 tbs marmite
280g tepid water

Adapt it to your favourite chosen method. I mixed everything and left for 30 mins and then kneaded it for 10 mins. I added a little more white flour to make it easier to manage. I then left it 3 hours with the occasional stretch and fold. The recipe suggested leaving it to prove overnight in the fridge which sounds a great idea but I wanted this for my tea tonight. I'm sure you could adapt it so as not to use the commercial yeast too. 

I baked it in a cast iron casserole for. 25 mins at 220C and then took the lid off and cooked for a further 20 mins. The aroma is gorgeous. 

Not surprisingly this bread goes well with cheese, but I am planning to have it to accompany my muttar paneer dish this evening. 

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