Sunday, 22 June 2014

Weekly sourdough update

Well it is over a year since I posted anything on sourdough bread making. Back then I had just acquired a shiny red cast iron enamel casserole pot I n which to bake my bread after reading Ken Forkish's excellent book. One year on I have stayed true to this method which gives dependable results, a good rise and crust. My repertoire of breads has become somewhat narrow, something I hope to address in the coming months. My favourite recipes are Dan Lepard's Mill loaf, consisting 60% white, 30% whole meal and 10% rye, or a malted loaf using A Dove Farm flour. Occasionally I will bake a 100% white or whole meal loaf.

I recently picked up Andrew Whitely's Do Sourdough book which I think is an excellent no- nonsense  introduction into the art of making sourdough bread.

Many many untried recipes to explore plus I would like to revisit some that are already to be found on this blog. I would also like to try some Indian breads. My flat breads have been a little hit and miss. There does not seem to be a history of sourdough in India, perhaps due to the flour quality, temperature and humidity - but on the web it seems the Indian diaspora across the world and especially in the US have experimented adapting traditional recipes using sourdough techniques. I hope to join in this exploration.

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