I set this blog up with the main aim of participating in the Mellow Bakers challenge to bake their way through Dan Lepard's classic The handmade loaf which began in April 2012. I was an inexperienced beginner and  had only been baking sourdough since January 2011 usually make a couple of simple loaves at the weekend. I was hoping to add to my repertoire and have fun.

Baking real bread, in part, came out of a response to dealing with a stressful job in health care. I was not alone in approaching fifty and wondering whether I have made the right employment choices. With ever increasing demands in the NHS and a target driven culture I was questioning how I could continue in health care for another 20 years without serious detriment to my own health. Baking bread, meditation, running slowly and cooking vegetarian food were some of the ways I coped.

By the summer of 2013 I thought the blog had run its course. I was still baking sourdough weekly but  was an infrequent blogger. After a hiatus of one year I have decided to continue blogging. In the past year I have developed a love of Indian vegetarian home cooking, especially dals. Dals and sourdough are a perfect match. As ever, I break most of the food blogging rules and write this blog mainly for my own amusement and that of a small number of readers. Please feel welcome to join in and say hello. Just do not have too higher expectation of this blog and you won't be disappointed!

I am happily married with two cats.